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Overview of Guardianship Law Administration

Establishing a guardianship estate for a friend or loved one is necessary when they can no longer handle their own personal and financial affairs and they have not executed any other documentation appointing an agent in the event of their disability. You will know that it is time to seek the court’s appointment of a guardian when financial and medical institutions no longer recognize your authority to act on behalf of your loved one and they cannot act for themselves.

List of Guardianship Legal Services

  • Representing clients in obtaining the court’s appointment as guardian of their friend or loved one
  • Performing all duties related to providing annual reporting to the court regarding guardianship estate assets
  • Setting up trusts for a family member with special needs and ensuring that the trust is properly administered
  • Establishing a guardianship for a minor who is the beneficiary of a settlement award
  • Preparation of final account and formal discharge of the guardian at the end of the guardianship estate

From determining the type of guardian your loved one needs, to becoming a guardian, or are needing aid with litigation, please contact Hays Firm LLC to discuss your options.

You may contact the Hays Firm LLC and our guardianship law attorneys at (312) 626-2537 or via e-mail.

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