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  • Chicago IL Power of Attorney

    Common Asset Protection Issues

    Common Asset Protection Issues in Chicago In our asset protection practice, we often encounter clients who come to us after it is too late for us to help them. The cardinal rule of asset protection is that the planning must be put into place well before there is a claim against you or any of…

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  • chicago attorney estate planning

    Identifying Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation

    Identify Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation Approximately one in ten individuals over the age of 60 has experienced elder abuse. As the population ages, the instances of financial abuse are on the rise. This abuse is generally perpetrated by scam artists or trusted people in their lives who simply take advantage of them. Reported instances…

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  • chicago liquor license attorney

    What is the City of Chicago liquor license moratorium?

    What is the City of Chicago liquor license moratorium? Many of our clients initially contact us asking us to check if their property is subject to a moratorium. What the client really is asking is whether their property is located in a “moratorium district.” This term generally refers to certain sections of the city which…

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  • probate lawyer attorney

    How Do I Contest a Will?

    How Do I Contest a Will? Contesting a will is not usually a simple matter. There are, however, some specific legal grounds for contesting a will that can be used successfully. Ultimately, you may be best served by consulting a probate or estate attorney. We’ve consulted with top attorneys across the nation, and have found…

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