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Having represented clients in many different types of business, our clients benefit from our unique knowledge and understanding specific to them. Moreover, we believe a continuous discourse with our clients not only serves to resolve disputes and litigate claims in the most efficient and effective way, but also to comfortably meet our client’s goals earnestly.

Please contact the attorneys at Hays Firm LLC to discuss how we can assist as your Chicago business litigation attorneys utilizing our legal counsel and advice. You may contact the firm at (312) 626-2537 or via e-mail.

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    What Type of Chicago Liquor License Do I Need?

    Choosing the Right Type of Liquor License in Chicago The most common question we get regarding liquor licenses is how much will it cost? However, before we can answer that question, it is important for you to identify what type of Chicago liquor license you need. There are six main classifications for liquor licenses in…

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  • Chicago IL Power of Attorney

    Shareholders’ Right to Review Records of an Illinois Company

    Can a Shareholder Review the Records of a Chicago, or Any Illinois Company They Invested in? Many investors and small businesses are given a great deal of information at the outset of the business venture. Over time, the officers and directors of the company sometimes begin to provide less and less information to the investors…

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    Construction Law

    Construction Law Practice Hays Firm LLC works with its clients to help them navigate the many complex, competing interests at work in any construction project. This complexity relates to issues arising from questions of liability, mechanics lien law, labor disputes, etc. The firm’s experience in construction law, real estate law and business transactions allows us…

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  • Small Business Service Agreement

    Small Business Service Agreement

    Small Business Services Agreement Have access to quality legal service and counsel as a small business that is normally only available to larger companies that have their own in-house legal staff. The value of the Small Business Service Agreement is that it provides small businesspersons the ability to have an attorney with whom they can…

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