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    How Do I Contest a Will?

    How Do I Contest a Will? Contesting a will is not usually a simple matter. There are, however, some specific legal grounds for contesting a will that can be used successfully. Ultimately, you may be best served by consulting a probate or estate attorney. We’ve consulted with top attorneys across the nation, and have found…

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    What Type of Chicago Liquor License Do I Need?

    Choosing the Right Type of Liquor License in Chicago The most common question we get regarding liquor licenses is how much will it cost? However, before we can answer that question, it is important for you to identify what type of Chicago liquor license you need. There are six main classifications for liquor licenses in…

  • Chicago IL Power of Attorney

    Shareholders’ Right to Review Records of an Illinois Company

    Can a Shareholder Review the Records of a Chicago, or Any Illinois Company They Invested in? Many investors and small businesses are given a great deal of information at the outset of the business venture. Over time, the officers and directors of the company sometimes begin to provide less and less information to the investors…

  • Chicago Power of Attorney

    How Do I Execute a Valid Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

    Securing a Valid Power of Attorney for Healthcare As we have discussed in previous blogs, the Power of Attorney for Healthcare is one of the simplest and most effective estate planning tools. With a Power of Attorney for Healthcare, you can nominate a person to act on your behalf to make decisions based on your…

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    Can a “Deadbeat” Parent Inherit from the Neglected Child?

    At Hays Firm, we recognize that an individual’s family does not always include those people who are defined as “family” under the law. We have helped many families of all shapes and sizes navigate the probate process after the death of a loved one. In two recent cases, we have invoked a rarely used procedure,…

  • Trust Litigation

    What is Probate?

    Get the Facts Straight About Probate The word “probate” often makes people nervous or worried about an extended legal battle. We have all heard stories from family and friends about property being “tied up” in probate. We have often been encouraged to avoid probate by attorneys and financial planners. However, the probate proceeding is simply…

  • Chicago IL Power of Attorney

    What Happens If I Don’t Have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

    What If I Don’t Have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare? The Power of Attorney is the most effective estate planning tool that an individual can have. It is also the easiest to put in place. It is impossible to predict an accident or the onset of a serious illness. With a Power of Attorney…

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    What is a Power of Attorney for Healthcare?

    Understanding Power of Attorney’s Role in Healthcare Many people believe that estate planning is only important for determining who will receive your assets when you die. In fact, estate planning includes much more than executing a will or a trust which will take effect upon your death. A comprehensive Estate Plan will help provide stability…

  • Who Should I Appoint as My Power of Attorney for Healthcare Agent?

    Appointing a Healthcare Agent for Your Power of Attorney A Power of Attorney for Healthcare allows you to nominate a person to act on your behalf to make healthcare decisions based on your personal values and wishes when you are no longer to make these decisions for yourself. Here is a link to the form….

  • Financial Exploitation of the Elderly | Hays Firm LLC

    Elder Abuse Litigation After a Loved One Passes As people age, they become more susceptible to financial exploitation by those around them. These types of incidents are becoming more common and represent a growing problem in Chicago, the suburbs and the entire nation. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that their elderly loved one was…