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  • estate-planning-wills-explained

    Estate Planning – What is a Will?

    At Hays Firm, we often get calls from individuals and families who are just beginning the estate planning process. Most people have a general idea of what a will is. Our pop culture of television and movies often include characters changing theirs wills, the dramatic “reading” of wills, and strange or humorous provisions in wills….

  • power-attorney-duty-account

    The Duty to Account – Illinois Power of Attorney for Property

    In a Power of Attorney for Property, you nominate an “agent”, or a person to act on your behalf. Some states call the person that you nominate an “attorney in fact”. The agent may begin acting on your behalf immediately, if necessary. Or, if you prefer, your agent may not begin acting on your behalf…

  • common-types-executor-misconduct

    What are common types of executor misconduct?

    At Hays Firm, we often represent clients who are heirs or beneficiaries of a “Decedent’s” estate (“Decedent” is another name for a person who has died.). The heirs that we speak with often have concerns about the conduct and activities of an executor of an estate. An executor is the person who manages the property…

  • Financial-exploitation

    What is Financial Exploitation?

    As our population ages, abuse of the elderly has risen. Abuse takes many forms. Elderly people are often victims of physical, emotional, or financial abuse. This article focuses on the financial abuse or exploitation of older individuals. The perpetrators of such abuse are often people that the elderly individual has trusted or even loved. An…

  • illinois-financial-exploitation-elderly-act

    What is the Illinois Financial Exploitation of the Elderly Act?

    As people age, they become more susceptible to financial exploitation by those around them. Unfortunately, these types of incidents are becoming more common and represent a growing problem in Chicago, the suburbs, and the entire nation. Because senior citizens have a nest egg and own property, they are often targets for scams, schemes, and fraud….

  • filing-will-illinois

    Do I need to file a will in Illinois?

    Filing a Will in Illinois When a loved one dies, the family and friends who are left behind are often confused about their next steps. Amidst their grief, survivors must navigate unknown territory. At Hays Firm, many of our clients are working through an emotional grieving process and handling an Estate or Trust for the…

  • corporation-explained-illinois

    What is a Corporation?

    What is a Corporation?: Illinois Business Corporation Act – Corporations in Illinois Explained When starting a business, it is important to consider the type of business structure you would like to create. Many people are anxious to get their ideas and products into the market place and they do not stop to consider whether they…

  • responsibilities-executor-will

    What are the responsibilities of an executor of a will?

    The Responsibilities of an Executor of a Will In a will, an individual identifies an executor to represent his or her estate. The executor is either a person or corporate entity (such as a bank or trust company) that ensures that all the deceased’s assets are collected, debts are paid, and the remainder of the…

  • will-contest-illinois

    What is a will contest?

    A Will Contest in Illinois A “Will Contest” is a court proceeding in which the validity of a will is challenged. The person who brings the will contest argues that the will is not valid. This article will address the different reasons for which you can challenge a will. We will also discuss who may…

  • small-estate-affidavit

    What is a small estate affidavit?

    A Small Estate Affidavit The small estate affidavit is a useful tool to transfer property after someone dies. For example, if a person owned a car at the time of his or her death, the surviving family members may want to sell or give that car away. The family may be able to use a…