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Liquor License Services

  • Determine which class of liquor license a new business owner needs in order to comply with local law and obtain the necessary applications to acquire the required license
  • Check local zoning laws to ensure that the selected location is within an area that permits the type of restaurant or bar that the client wishes to establish
  • Complete all applications and arrange all inspections of the selected property which are required under local law
  • Complete all documentation related to the personal background checks of all owners of the business entity that is applying for the liquor license as required by local law
  • Monitor and review all objections received by the relevant municipal authority in response to any required notices that were sent to property owners in the area surrounding the proposed business location
  • Obtain and provide any other documentation or information that is required by the relevant local authorities

The procedures related to the transfer of an existing liquor license, or issuance of a new liquor license, are extremely time-sensitive and document-intensive. In our resources section you will find an overview of the liquor license application in the City of Chicago. Throughout the greater Chicago area, the current trend is that this process is becoming more difficult as various municipalities and Wards within the City of Chicago are restricting the issuance of new liquor licenses.

For that reason, an individual attempting to transfer or obtain a liquor license should contact Hays Firm LLC promptly to discuss how we can best present your case to the proper authorities and ensure that you obtain the licenses necessary to operate your business.

Contact Hays Firm LLC for your liquor license attorney at (312) 626-2537 or via e-mail.

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