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Small Business Services Agreement

Have access to quality legal service and counsel as a small business that is normally only available to larger companies that have their own in-house legal staff.

The value of the Small Business Service Agreement is that it provides small businesspersons the ability to have an attorney with whom they can discuss ideas, confer on how to deal with a variety of different situations, or simply discuss business generally. This arrangement allows a business to solve small problems before they become large and costly problems.

The structure of the agreement is simple. For a fixed annual fee, small businesses are able to have contact with a qualified attorney, without being billed by the hour or worrying that the meter is running every time they pick up the phone for advice. In addition, to providing constant access to legal counsel and advice, the firm will:

Act as the Registered Agent for the business;
Maintain all of the corporate records of the business, as required by Illinois law;
Prepare Notices for all annual corporate meetings as well as the required meeting minutes; and
Review of documents such as leases, deeds, and contracts as well as the preparation of standard documents that may be needed during the year.
If a small business client needs additional, more specialized legal services, the firm will provide such services at a discounted project-based flat fee.

Please contact the firm directly with any questions or to discuss how your business could benefit from a Small Business Service Agreement. You may contact the firm at (312) 626-2537 or via e-mail.