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  • Will-Contest-Illinois

    Will Contests in Illinois

    Can I challenge a will? Illinois law permits any interested party to file a will contest. A will contest must be filed with the probate court after a person’s death. The law does not allow a family member to challenge the will of a person who is still alive. A person is an “interested person”…

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  • Guardianship and Elder Law

    Using Guardianship Proceedings to Protect Your Elderly Loved One

    Worried About Your Elderly Loved One? Is your elderly loved one becoming more and more forgetful? Is he or she not thinking clearly? Are you concerned about their well-being and ability to care for themselves? Are they prone to financial exploitation? It’s not so much that your loved one can’t live independently. It might be…

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  • Executor-stealing-estate-litigation-attorney

    I Think an Executor is Stealing

    Who is an Executor? When a person dies, they die with or without a will. The will is the document that controls how their property will be distributed after their death. The will names the person who will administer or deal with the affairs of the deceased person’s estate. That person is called the “executor.” …

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  • dangers-online-wills

    The Dangers of DIY Online Wills

    It seems in the short run, an online will can save you time and money. The truth of the matter is they can lead to expensive estate planning mistakes. For instance, DIY estate-planning services that sell estate-planning packages often miss key estate planning documents that few people would know to inquire about. So while it…

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