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Business Law

Starting a business in Chicago

Illinois Business Law Attorneys

Whether you are starting a new business or have owned your business for many years, the services and counsel of a qualified business attorney are essential to your success. Do you know what type of business entity is best for you? What appropriate documents are vital to launching and maintaining your organization? Do you have established policies and procedures helping you to manage both external and internal risk so as to avoid costly litigation?

Serving Chicago and its surrounding areas, Hays Firm LLC has over a decade of experience serving many types of businesses, including representing those entities that need a liquor license. The attorneys at our law firm advise on contractual relations and transactions, including acquisitions, mergers, divestiture, and dissolution of business entities. Our attorneys also advise and assist in the formation, qualification, funding, and operation of non-profit organizations.

Restaurant & Bar Services

Hays Firm LLC provides legal counsel and advice to restaurant and bar owners regarding the day-to-day operations unique to this type of business. The firm has an understanding of restaurant law, the restaurant and bar industry, and various types of challenges that owners encounter on a daily basis. Whether you are in the beginning stages of forming your restaurant, or needing to maintain your already steady bar, Hays Firm LLC has attorneys who will work one-on-one with you in order to best serve your business.

Integrity & Honesty with Hays Firm


Our business law attorneys will advise on what type of business entity is most advantageous, draft necessary documents to create the entity, and file the required documents with the Illinois Secretary of State in order to ensure that your business is properly registered.

Hays Firm Legal Documents


Our attorneys will perform all work and prepare the necessary documents to ensure that our client obtains all of the required licensing and registration to operate in accordance with the law.

Hays Firm Chicago Legal Representation


Our attorneys will analyze and negotiate purchase agreements and vendor and distributor agreements. We will also address shareholder issues, and advise on commercial and business-related disputes.

Liquor License Services

The most significant obstacle in the formation or operation of any restaurant or bar is the ability to obtain a liquor license. A liquor license allows a business to sell alcohol, spirits, beer, or wine and to legally operate within a desired municipality. Many business owners have sought counsel from Hays Firm LLC regarding how to transfer or obtain the necessary liquor licenses. In order to address this need, the firm provides all services related to transferring a liquor license, or obtaining a new liquor license from a local municipality, on a fixed flat fee basis.

Hays Firm Bar and Restaurant Services


Our liquor license attorneys will determine which class of liquor license a new business owner needs under state and local laws.

Chicago Estate, Probate and Business Attorneys


Our attorneys review local zoning laws to ensure that the type of restaurant or bar that the client wishes to establish is permitted.

Hays Firm Thorough Review


Our attorneys will complete all applications and arrange all inspections of the selected property.

Hays Firm Background Check


Our attorneys will complete all documentation related to the personal background checks of all owners of the business entity applying for the license.

Hays Firm Trust Attorneys


We will monitor and review all objections received by the relevant municipal authority from property owners in the surrounding area.

Business Litigation

Hays Firm Chicago Business Litigation

In today’s environment, lawsuits are a fact of life for many business owners. Hays Firm LLC represents business clients in connection with various types of commercial disputes. This representation includes negotiating and litigating disputes filed in Illinois state court or any federal court within the State of Illinois. Hays Firm LLC represents its clients’ interests against all types of adversaries from the largest corporations and insurance companies to private individuals.

We believe that continuous discourse with our clients is essential to effectively and efficiently resolve their business disputes. Further, open and honest communication is the only way to ensure that we understand and meet our client’s goals and expectations.

Chicago Legal Representation


Our attorneys handle commercial disputes arising from a breach of contract.

Hays Firm Legal Representation in Chicago


We will help you navigate and litigate shareholder and partnership disputes.

Hays Firm Quality Work


We will provide counsel, negotiate and if necessary litigate issues regarding purchase agreements.

Chicago Legal Papers Review


Our attorneys will provide counsel and address any business dispute that arises from the day to day operations of your business.


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