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Liquor License Services

Illinois Liquor License Services

Obtaining the licenses necessary for success in the bar and restaurant industry

The most significant obstacle in the formation or operation of any restaurant or bar is the ability to obtain a liquor license that allows the business to operate within its desired municipality. Many local business owners have sought counsel from the Illinois liquor license attorneys at Hays Firm LLC regarding how to transfer or obtain the necessary licenses and permits. 

The firm provides clients with all liquor license-related services in a time sensitive manner with the appropriate local municipality and on an easy fixed flat fee basis.

Liquor License Legal Services

Hays Firm LLC attorneys can provide the following liquor license legal services:

Hays Firm Bar and Restaurant Services


Our attorneys determine which class of liquor license a new business owner needs in order to comply with local law.

Hays Firm Certified Documents


Our attorneys obtain the necessary applications to acquire the required license.

Chicago Estate, Probate and Business Attorneys


Our liquor license attorneys review local zoning laws to ensure that the selected location is appropriate.

Hays Firm Legal Documents


Our attorneys complete all applications and arrange all inspections of the selected property.

Hays Firm Background Check


Our attorneys complete all documentation related to the personal background checks of all owners of the business entity applying for the license.

Hays Firm Scales of Justice


We monitor and review all objections received by the relevant municipal authority from property owners in the surrounding area. 

Hays Firm Legal Advice


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Illinois Liquor License Attorney

More Info About Liquor License Services

Can I bring alcohol into Illinois?

You cannot bring more than minimal amounts of alcohol into the State of Illinois. Illinois has placed many restrictions on the importation of alcohol. These restrictions not only apply to businesses, but also apply to individual Illinois residents. Federal law gives Illinois full authority to regulate the flow of alcohol into the State. The restrictions on shipping alcohol into Illinois not only apply to manufacturers and wholesalers, but to individuals as well. Illinois law governing the shipment and distribution of alcohol is extremely complex. If you have any questions regarding the transportation of liquor or any related licensing issues, please contact us.

Can I get approval for Chicago liquor license before I build my restaurant?

The construction of a new restaurant, or substantial renovation of an existing location, is a major financial undertaking for any business owner. However, the approval process for a City of Chicago liquor license requires several inspections by the City. Obviously, the City cannot inspect your property until the construction or renovation is completed. The City of Chicago has established a conditional approval process for businesses applying for a Consumption on Premises-Incidental Activity License, Package Goods License, or Tavern License. The conditional approval process ensures that a business owner can obtain assurance from the City of Chicago that it will issue a liquor license to the new or recently renovated business upon completion of the project.

The experienced liquor license attorneys at Hays Firm LLC are available to assist you in the process of applying for and gaining conditional approval of your liquor license application based on the plans and specifications of your project.

How much will it cost to get a liquor license?

Before we can answer that question, it is important for you to identify what type of Chicago liquor license you need. It is important that you consider what type of business you want to run before discussing your options with a qualified Chicago liquor license attorney. Some of the considerations at the early stages include: Will you sell food? If so, what percentage of your sales will come from food? What are your hours of operation? After you address these basic questions you will more easily be able to decide what type of Chicago liquor license is best for you. There are five main classifications for liquor licenses in the City of Chicago: tavern, consumption on premises-incidental activity, packaged goods, club, and caterer’s license. Each type has its own benefits and restrictions. The fees range from $1,100.00 to $4,400.00. And each carries a one-time publication fee of $40.00. A tavern license must be renewed every two years. While these licenses may seem straightforward, there are many nuances to each of them. It is important that after you develop your business plan, you meet with a professional to discuss the best approach for obtaining the necessary licenses from the City of Chicago.

The Chicago liquor license attorneys at Hays Firm LLC are available to assist and guide you in the process of selecting the proper liquor license and throughout the entire application process. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions.


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