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Guardianship Training Program Requirements for Illinois Guardians

Guardianship Training Program Requirement for Illinois Guardians

What does the Guardianship Training Program for Illinois Guardians entail?

Being appointed a guardian for an adult with a disability [ward] means that you have the legal authority to make decisions for another person. A guardian has the legal duty to ensure that the ward is being properly cared for and to see that their financial affairs are being managed. There are two types of guardianships in Illinois: guardian of the person and guardian of the estate. The role of a guardian of a person differs from that of a guardian of an estate because the latter requires creating an inventory of the ward’s income and assets, setting an annual budget, and reporting all expenditures to the court. A guardian of the person allows you to make healthcare decisions for the ward.

As of January 1st, 2023 Illinois amended the Illinois Probate Act of 1975 to require training for all guardians appointed over the persons of individuals with disabilities. Essentially, the law requires most guardians to file a Certificate of Completion of the training program within one year from the date the court issues the Letters of Guardianship, or in other words, when the court appoints you as guardian of the person. There are certain circumstances that take a guardian outside the purview of the training. If you are a public guardian, a practicing lawyer, or are certified by the Center for Guardianship Certification, you do not have to complete the training.

The training program is a completely free online training that takes roughly an hour to complete. The program is conducted through the website and consists of a slide show composed of 70 slides which includes seven modules and six short quizzes. Each module is approximately five to seven slides and each quiz has one to three questions. The modules will discuss your role as a guardian, including your responsibilities and rights, as well as decision-making techniques and topics related to abuse of the ward.

To get started, click on the link and create an Illinois Public Account. Once you have registered you may begin the training. On the very last slide you will be asked to enter the circuit, county, case number, and matter of your case then click the “I Certify” button to receive credit for the course. Lastly, once you obtain the certificate, you must file it with the court within one year of the date that you were appointed guardian.