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  • Business-Transactions-Post

    Business Transactions

    Hays Firm LLC is a Chicago law firm that understands the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and the necessity that all transactions and contracts are handled in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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  • Biggest Business Transactions

    Biggest Business Transactions

    Ever since the industrial age began, companies have been subject to being bought and sold in huge deals worth millions of dollars. However, it’s hard to judge how major deals of the past stack up to today’s tech megadeals- unless you convert the financial terms into today’s dollars. Here’s a look at exactly how much money many of the major deals of the past couple centuries were worth.

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  • Liquor-License

    U.S. Liquor License Laws

    When you wind down at the end of the day or meet up for a social night with friends for a drink, have you thought about how and why you have access to alcohol? Maybe you ordered a beverage at a bar or restaurant, or maybe you picked up a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer before watching a Sunday football game at home.

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  • Woman holding wine bottle

    Most Common Types of Liquor License

    “Tavern” Includes selling alcohol that is consumed on the premises (bar, nightclub, pub, or lounge). “Packaged Goods” Includes selling liquor in the original sealed and labelled containers in places like grocery stores, convenience stores or liquor stores. “Consumption on Premises – Incidental Activity” Includes businesses where the sale of alcohol, which is consumed on the…

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  • Liquor-Process

    Overview of Chicago Liquor License Application Process

    CHICAGO LIQUOR LICENSE: INITIAL APPLICATION PROCESS OVERVIEW Complete a “Business Information Sheet” Meet with a Business Consultant at the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection in City Hall Be prepared to answer all questions about your proposed operation The Business Consultant may also assist with obtaining building permits or any other city services needed…

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  • Wills


    What is a Will and Why do I need one? A Will is the written declaration of a person’s intentions regarding what will happen to their property upon their death. A Will governs and distributes only probate property. It does not have any effect on non-probate property such as life insurance policies, retirement accounts and…

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  • Inspector. Graphics is my artwork.  Thanks.  At the Probate Court for a Last Will & Testament.

    Will Contest

    WILL CONTEST Conflicts often arise regarding the validity of a deceased loved one’s Will once the executor files it with the Court for settling the decedent’s estate. These disputes take many forms; however, the most common grounds for challenging the validity of a Will are the following: Undue Influence or Duress. This cause of action…

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  • trusts


    What is a Trust and Do I need one? Hays Firm LLC drafts trusts for clients including young families with small children, business owners, and retired individuals. For each client, we walk through the complete estate planning process which begins by analyzing the client’s financial circumstances and goals. We then educate our clients about the…

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