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Chicago Estate Litigation


Estate litigation is similar to other types of civil litigation, with several key differences. Specifically, the probate court is governed by the Illinois Probate Act, which has special time limitations relating to the filing of claims or actions. Therefore, it is essential that you retain and attorney who understands the unique rules that govern contested claims in the probate court, as quickly as possible.

Disputes regarding money and other property are quite common after a loved one passes away. These disputes are complex and highly emotional. For example, such situations arise when an individual feels that they have been unfairly excluded from a loved one’s Will or their inheritance is less than what they believe they were entitled to. Hays Firm LLC is a Will contest and trust dispute law firm experienced in this type of litigation.

Hays Firm LLC represents both beneficiaries and executors in various types of estate and probate-related litigation. If a dispute has arisen regarding a friend or loved one’s assets and you have questions regarding your options, please don’t hesitate to contact the firm for a free consultation regarding your situation. You may contact the attorneys at Hays Firm LLC at (312) 626-2537 or via e-mail.