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executor stealing estate illinois
I Think an Executor is Stealing

If you have reason to believe that the executor is hiding assets or stealing them so as to avoid having to distribute them later pursuant to the will, a lawsuit may be necessary.

dangers DIY online wills estate planning illinois
The Dangers of DIY Online Wills

It seems in the short run, an online will can save you time and money. The truth of the matter is they can lead to expensive estate planning mistakes.

conservatorship guardian of the estate linois
Conservatorship in Illinois

The term “conservatorship” means the court process in which a person is appointed to manage the financial affairs of another person.

Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act estate law
Case Study on the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act

Illinois has adopted the Uniform Fraudulent Transfers Act, which enables a creditor to obtain a court order voiding transfers of money that were made in order to avoid a judgement.

Appeal arbitration award
Can I Appeal an Arbitration Award?

Arbitration was developed as an alternative to litigation in the hopes that disputes could be resolved quickly and efficiently without expensive litigation.

fraudulent fiduciary transfers
Are transfers to a fiduciary fraudulent?

The sick and elderly are often exploited by the people closest to them. Illinois law protects individuals from exploitation by their fiduciaries by presuming that all transfers to such individuals are presumed to be fraudulent.