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Appeal arbitration award
Can I Appeal an Arbitration Award?

Arbitration was developed as an alternative to litigation in the hopes that disputes could be resolved quickly and efficiently without expensive litigation.

fraudulent fiduciary transfers
Are transfers to a fiduciary fraudulent?

The sick and elderly are often exploited by the people closest to them. Illinois law protects individuals from exploitation by their fiduciaries by presuming that all transfers to such individuals are presumed to be fraudulent.

Chicago business litigation lawsuits against Boeing crash
Chicago lawsuits against Boeing for crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302

Hays Firm LLC recently filed suits against Boeing on behalf of the families of victims of the recent Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes involving the Boeing 737 Max.

Reporting requirements Illinois non profits
Reporting Requirements for Illinois Non-Profits

If you are a non-profit or a “not for profit” entity, there are a variety of reporting requirements you must make on an annual basis. This article will generally address the Illinois reporting requirements.

Creating Non Profit Corporation Illinois Business Law
Creating a Not-for-Profit Corporation in Illinois

There are many ways that private non-profit entities help and serve our communities. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the types of business structures a non-profit may use.

Minors receive inheritance estate planning
Can minors receive an inheritance?

When a person dies, their heirs or beneficiaries may be a minor. However, minors are unable to open a bank account on their own.