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Most Common Types of Liquor License

  • “Tavern”

    Includes selling alcohol that is consumed on the premises (bar, nightclub, pub, or lounge).

  • “Packaged Goods”

    Includes selling liquor in the original sealed and labelled containers in places like grocery stores, convenience stores or liquor stores.

  • “Consumption on Premises – Incidental Activity”

    Includes businesses where the sale of alcohol, which is consumed on the premises, is secondary to another primary business activity. Examples are
    restaurants, theaters, and bowling alleys.

  • “Club (Not-for-Profit Club)”

    Includes organizations that promote some common purpose other than the consumption of alcohol. Examples are the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Certain
    requirements for the organization apply.

  • “Caterer’s license”

    Allows catering companies and restaurants in Chicago to serve food and alcohol off site and within the City of Chicago.

  • “Caterer’s Registration”

    Allows catering companies outside of Chicago to serve food and alcohol within the City of Chicago.

  • “Outdoor Patio”

    Permits liquor in an outdoor location that is adjacent to the business that has another form of liquor license. No music may be played or
    performed at the outdoor location.

  • “Late Hour”

    Allows establishments to remain open and sell liquor until 4 AM Monday – Saturday and until 5 AM on Sunday. Consent of 51% of the legal voters
    registered within 500 ft. of the business is required.